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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
180 High nuclearity clusters containing carbene ligands : 1986.01 Inorganic chemistry v. 25, (4319~4320) Abstract
179 Test results for round-hole-pattern damper seals: Optimum configurations and dimensions for maximum net damping. 1985.10 Journal of tribology v. 108, (605~?) Abstract
178 Analysis and testing for rotordynamic coefficients of turbulent annular seals with different, directionally-homogeneous surface-roughness treatment for rotor and stator elements. 1985.07 Transactions of the ASME v. 107, (296~?) Abstract
177 DNMR and molecular mechanics studies of the entiomerization of long-chain (1.5)-naphthalenophanes. 1985.02 Journal of the American Chemical Society 107, 5, (1124~1133) Abstract
176 The structural dependence of geminal and vicinal CC coupling constants 1985.02 Magnetic resonance in chemistry. 23, 2, (95~100) Abstract
175 A biotin-avidin enzyme immunoassay for the quantitation of serum ferritin 1985.01 Clinica chimica acta 147, 2, (109~116) Abstract
174 Crystallographic and dielectric properties of LiTaO//3-based non-stoichiometric solid solutions substituted by trivalent ions. 1985.01 Rev. chim. miner. v. 2, (1923~1923) Abstract
173 Air oxidation of the CpMo(CO)//3**- anion. Molecular structure of the ( η **2-carbonnato)dicarbonylcylcopentadienylmolybdenum(II) anion, CpMo(CO)//2( η **2-O//2CO)**-. 1985.01 Inorganic chemistry v. 24, (378~382) Abstract
172 A study of corrosion-resistant materials for pulsed gaseous core nuclear system. 1985.01 Nuclear technology v. 69, no. 5, (154~160) Abstract
171 A new type of carbene catalyst. Direct evidence for the involvement of coordinated carbenes in a cluster-catalyzed transalkylation reaction between tertiary amines 1985.01 Journal of the American chemical society 107, 21, (6107~6108) Abstract

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