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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
877 Interpretation of hyperfine shift patterns in ferricytochrome b//5 in terms of angular positions of the heme : 1993.01 Biochimica et biophysica acta v. 1202, (189~199) Abstract
876 Interpretation of continuous settling behavior from batch settling data in versatic acid 10-water system 1993.01 Hydrometallurgy v. 32, (273~286) Abstract
875 Inhibitory effects of hydrolyzable tannins on Ca++-activated hyaluronidase. 1993.01 Planta Medica v. 59, no. 4, (381~382) Abstract
874 Microwave dielectric properties of CeO2 added (Pb0.63Ca0.37)ZrO3 ceramic system 1993.01 Ferroelectrics 145, (135~141) Abstract
873 Microbial activity and performance of an anaerobic reactor combining a filter and a sludge bed CHUNG YUNCHUL; 1993.01 Water science and technology 27, 1, (187~194) Abstract
872 Methyl t-butyl ether decomposition in an inert membrane reactor composed of 12-tungstophosphoric acid catalyst and polyphenylene oxide membrane SONG IN KYU; 1993.01 Applied catalysis A, General 96, (53~63) Abstract
871 Melt polymerization of hexachlorocyclotriphosphazene in the presence of organothin(IV) compounds 1993.01 Journal of polymer science Part A, Polymer chemistry v. 31, (3397~3403) Abstract
870 Mechanistic analysis of the 3-methyllumiflavin-promoted oxidative deamination of benzylamine. A potential model for monoamine oxidase catalysis. 1993.01 Journal of the American Chemical Society v. 115, (10591~10595) Abstract
869 Magnetotransport measurements on an In//0//.//5//2Al//0//.//4//8As/In//0//.//6//5Ga //0//.//3//5As single quantum well. 1993.01 Journal of materials science letters v. 12, (567~?) Abstract
868 Magnetic properties of Pd/Co multilayer films studied by hall effect. 1993.01 Journal of applied physics v. 73, no. 10, (6344~6346) Abstract

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