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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
503 A new synthetic route to 1,3-benzoxazepines 1990.06 Synthesis , (455~457) Abstract
502 Torsion balance with a voltage dependent restoring constant. 1990.06 Bulletin of the American physical society v. 35, no. 6, (1335~1335) Abstract
501 Reactions of podocarpic acid derivatives with thallium (III) nitrate 1990.06 Journal of organic chemistry 55, 13, (4034~4036) Abstract
500 Purification of tin by zone refining with development of a new model. 1990.06 Metallurgical transactions B v. 21B, no. 2, (455~461) Abstract
499 Preferred orientation and reversible shape memory effect in Ni-Ti alloy. 1990.06 Scripta metallurgica v. 24, no. 6, (921~926) Abstract
498 Fabrication of RF-sputtered Y-Ba-Cu-O-Ag composite thin films. 1990.05 Japanese journal of applied physics. v. 29, no. 5, (L779~L781) Abstract
497 Relationship between crystallization process and magnetic properties of Fe-(Cu-Nb)-Si-B amorphous alloys. 1990.05 Journal of applied physics 67, 9, (5568~5570) Abstract
496 Pentacovalent phosphorus-containing models of P(V) H//2O- or enzyme-cAMP adducts. nonchair conformations of the phosphorus-containing rings as determined by 1H NMR spectroscopy and x-ray crystallography 1990.05 Journal of the American Chemical Society 112, (7451~7461) Abstract
495 Apical-equatorial orientation of the six-membered ring in P(V) models of enzymatically formed cAMP-nucleophile adducts. relationship to the basic hydrolysis of cAMP. 1990.04 Journal of Organic Chemistry 55, (3444~3446) Abstract
494 Determination of phenolalkylamines, narcotic analgesics, and beta-blockers by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry 1990.04 Journal of analytical toxicology 14, 2, (77~83) Abstract

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