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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
221 The coherency strain effect on the direction of chemically induced liquid film migration in Mo-Ni alloy. 1987.01 Metallurgical and materials transactions. A, Physical metallurgy and materials science v. 18A, (151~?) Abstract
220 The cytochrome P-450 dependent hydroxylation of T-2 toxin in various animal species. 1987.01 Food chem. toxicol. v. 25, (539~544) Abstract
219 The effect of curvature on the grain boundary migration induced by diffusional coherency strain in Mo-Ni alloy. 1987.01 Acta metall. v. 35, no. 9, (2265~2271) Abstract
218 The effect of estrogen on luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone binding sites in hypothalamic membranes 1987.01 Neuropharmacology 26, 9, (1395~1401) Abstract
217 The freqeuncy dependence of the diagonal conductivity of a 2DEG in GaAs heterostructure in the quantum Hall regime. 1987.01 Solid state commun. v. 64, no. 4, (447~?) Abstract
216 The long term toxicological study of nivalenol in mice. 1987.01 J. Toxicol. Sci. v. 12, (583~?) Abstract
215 A robust self-tuning feedback controller 1986.09 Automatica. 22, 5, (521~531) Abstract
214 Geometric representation of translational swept volumes and its applications M. C. Leu; 1986.05 Journal of engineering for industry 108, (113~119) Abstract
213 A kinetic study of the silver-mercury contact reaction. 1986.01 Journal of materials science v. 21, no. 3, (2430~2434) Abstract
212 A pharmacokinetic study on oral pyrazinamide in normal subjects and patients with impaired renal function 1986.01 Asia pacific journal of pharmacology 1, (121~127) Abstract

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