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70 용철の순산소による산화속도 1980.12 철と강 66, 12, (1631~1639) Abstract
69 Regio-and stereoselective 1,2 wagner-meerwein shifts during trifluoroacetic acid catalyzed isomerization of unsymmetrically substituted tricyclo[ ² , ⁴ ]heptanes. 1980.06 Journal of the American Chemical Society v. 102, no. 13, (4397~4403.) Abstract
68 A comparison of the plume wih currently used models for AFBC. 1980.01 Chemical engineering science v. 35, (295~301) Abstract
67 Synthesiss of geminanes, paired bicyclic systems laterally fused to common bridgehead carbon atoms. 1980.01 Journal of the Chemical Research (S) , (296.~296.) Abstract
66 Synthesis of three potential inhibitors of the biosynthesis of leukotrienes A-E. 1980.01 Tetrahedron Letters v. 21, (4243~4246.) Abstract
65 Synthesis of the C//2//v- and S//4-symmetric tetraesters of tricyclo[**3**,**7]octane. 1980.01 J. Org. Chem v. 45, (5378~5379.) Abstract
64 Study on properties of self-fluxing sinter at various levels of basicity and with varying amounts of coke. 1980.01 Transactions of National Research Institute for Metals v. 22, no. 1, (31~37) Abstract
63 Metal-metal multiple bonds. 5. Molecular structure and fluxional behavior of tetraethylammonium μ -cyano-bis(cyclopentadienyldicarbonylmolybdate)(Mo-Mo) and the question of semibridging carbonyls. 1980.01 Inorganic chemistry v. 19, (2096~2101) Abstract
62 Measurement of single chain neutron scattering in concentrated polymer solutions. 1980.01 Journal of polymer science: polymer physics v. 18, (863~869) Abstract
61 A new synthesis of carbostyril derivatives. 1979.01 J. national academy of sciences, R. O. K. v. 18, (171~178) Abstract

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