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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
211 Effects of annealing on the grain boundary potential barrier of ZnO varistor. 1986.01 Journal of materials science. v. 21, (3491~3491) Abstract
210 Effect of the melting rate on the solidification rate in the ESR process. 1986.01 J. iron steel inst. Jpn. v. 72, no. 9, (1316~?) Abstract
209 Effect of the melting rate on the carbide cell size in an electroslag remelted high speed steel ingot. 1986.01 Transactions ISIJ v. 26, (305~309) Abstract
208 Development of ferrous laminated composites with unique microstructures by control of carbon diffusion. 1986.01 Metallurgical and materials transactions. A, Physical metallurgy and materials science v. 17A, (1517~1521) Abstract
207 Conformational study of the trinucleotide CpGpCp-pentapeptide Gly5 complex : the important role of bridging water in the complex formation. 1986.01 Journal of Computational Chemistry v. 7, no. 2, (189~200) Abstract
206 Chemically induced migration of liquid films and grain boundaries in Mo-Ni-(Fe) alloy. 1986.01 Acta metall. v. 34, no. 10, (2039~2044) Abstract
205 Binuclear metallopyrrolidone complexes formed from coupling of CO and alkynes with the μ //3-nitrene ligand of Ru//3( μ //3-NPh)(CO)//1//0. 1986.01 Organometallics v. 5, (2561~2563) Abstract
204 Analysis for rotordynamic coefficients of helically-grooved trubulent annualr seals. 1986.01 The American Society of Mechanical Engineers , (?~?) Abstract
203 About new ferroelectric ceramics of composition deriving from LiTaO//3 and with high shrinking coefficients. 1986.01 Rev. chim. miner. v. 23, (20~20) Abstract
202 A pharmacokinetic study on oral pyrazinamide in normal subjects and patients with impaired renal function 1986.01 Asia pacific journal of pharmacology 1, (121~127) Abstract

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