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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
50 Reciprocal cooperative effects of multiple ligand binding to pyruvate kinase 1977.01 Biochemistry 16, 7, (1343~1350) Abstract
49 Reactions in the SiO//2-C-N//2 system 1977.01 Nitrogen ceramics (ed. by F. L. Riley ) , (175~181) Abstract
48 Facile radical isomerization polymerization of vinyl disubstituted cyclopropanes 1977.01 Journal of polymer science : polymer lett. 15, (751~753) Abstract
47 Mercury-sensitized photolysis of pentamethyldisilane and sym-tetramethyldisilane. 1976.01 Journal of organometallic chemistry v. 114, (257~263) Abstract
46 Sialon derived from clay to provide an economical refractory material. 1976.01 Ind. heating XLIII, no. 4, (50~53) Abstract
45 Bonding studies in group 4 substituted anilines. VI. Assignment of coupling constants and CNDO/2 description of the radical anions of o-, m-, and p-trimethylsilyl-N, N-dimethylaniline. 1975.10 Journal of the American chemical society. v. 97, no. 21, (6102~?) Abstract
44 An appraisal of rheological models as applied to polymer melt flow. 1975.01 Rheologica acta v. 14, (533~549) Abstract
43 Formation of silicon carbide from rice hulls 1975.01 American Ceramic Society bulletin 54, 2, (195~198) Abstract
42 Electron paramagnetic resonance and INDO study of carbon-13 hyperfine splitting constants in benzyl-radical and toluene radical anion. 1975.01 Journal of the American chemical society v. 97, (4477~?) Abstract
41 An improved procedure for the preparation of hydroxy ester with activated zinc. 1975.01 Synthese , (9452~?) Abstract

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