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203 Structures of alumina-supported osminum clusters (HOs//3(CO)//1//0{OA})and complexes (Os**I**I(CO)//n//=//2//o//r//3{OA1}//3) determined by extended X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy. 1986.01 Journal of the American chemical society v. 108, (6254~?) Abstract
202 Superplasticity of a stainless steel clad ultrahigh carbon steel. 1986.01 Metallurgical and materials transactions. A, Physical metallurgy and materials science v. 17A, 12, (2295~2296) Abstract
201 Surface modification of supported platinum catalysts by heat treatment. 1986.01 Journal of catalysis v. 100, (489~491) Abstract
200 Synthesis and properties of (ethylenebis(dithiocarbamato)diorganotin(IV) complexes, structure of [t-Bu)//2Sn(ebdtc)]//2 · 4THF. 1986.01 Inorganic chemistry. v. 25, (2273~?) Abstract
199 Synthesis of (exo-and endo-dialkylphosphonate- η **5-cyclohexadienyl)mangenese tricarbonyl compounds. 1986.01 Journal of organometallic chemistry v. 317, (C1~C4) Abstract
198 Synthesis of dihydro-1,4-oxathiins by rearrangement of 1,3-oxathiolane sulfoxides 1986.01 Journal of organic chemistry 51, 14, (2789~2795) Abstract
197 The effects of pharmaceuticals on the toxicity of T-2 toxin. 1986.01 Toxicol. Lett. v. 31, (50~?) Abstract
196 The sensitivity of a 3-dimensional eulerian model to uncertainties in emissions and dry deposition velocities 1986.01 Atmospheric Environment 20, 10, (1979~1987) Abstract
195 Welded damascus steels and a new breed of laminated composites 1986.01 Metal progress v. 129, no. 7, (61~67) Abstract
194 고에너지 결정입계의 용해로 인한 덴드라이트 파괴기구 . 1986.01 Trans. of Japan Institute of Metals v. 27, (1037~?.) Abstract

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