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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
463 Movement of dopants in redox reaction of electro-conductive polymers. 1990.01 Macromol. chem. macromol. symp. v. 33, (353~359) Abstract
462 Morphology of platelike abnormal grains in liquid-phase-sintered alumina. 1990.01 Journal of the American Ceramic Society v. 73, no. 7, (2086~2090) Abstract
461 Monte Carlo calculation of phase equilibria in ternary systems. 1990.01 CALPHAD v. 14, no. 1, (27~39) Abstract
460 Mixed convection transport from an isolated heat source module on a horizontal plate. 1990.01 ASME journal of heat transfer v. 112, (653~661) Abstract
459 Mixed convection transport from a protruding heat source module on a vertical surface. 1990.01 AIAA journal of thermophysics and heat transfer v. 4, no. 3, (384~390) Abstract
458 An examination of bent semi-bridging metal carbonyl bonding II. Polymorphism and multiple independent molecules in [H//2Ru//4(CO)//1//3]. 1990.01 Journal of organometallic chemistry v. 384, (209~216) Abstract
457 A test-site method for the evaluation of the lattice-gas pressure in Monte Carlo simulations 1990.01 Philosophical magazine. B, Physics of condensed matter, structural, electronic, optical, and magnetic properties v. 61, no. 3, (337~346) Abstract
456 A review of powder preparation methods and densification procedures for fabricating high density mullite. 1990.01 CERAMIC TRANSACTIONS v. 6, (167~219) Abstract
455 A new calibration method. 1990.01 Annals of the CIRP v. 39, no. 1, (421~424) Abstract
454 A Model Algorithmic Learning-Method for Continuous-Path Control of a Robot Manipulator Oh, Sang Rok; 1990.01 Robotica 8, 1, (31~36) Abstract

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