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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
826 Order structure and crystals of fully aromatic polyimides grown from solutions. 1993.01 Polymer Preprint v. 34, no. 1, (774~775) Abstract
825 Optimization of critical density of bulk YBCO superconductor by coprecipitation in oxalic acid. 1993.01 Journal of materials science v. 28, (4744~4748) Abstract
824 Nicalon-fibre-reinforced silicon-carbide composites via polymer solution infiltration and chemical vapour infiltration. 1993.01 J. Mat. Sci. (Journal of materials science) v. 28, (3866~3868) Abstract
823 New field-effect transistor using semiconducting plasma-polymerized films 1993.01 Molecular crystals and liquid crystals v. 224, (53~60) Abstract
822 Neural regulation of phenyethanolamine N-methyltransferase in vivo : transcriptional and translational changes. 1993.01 Molecular Brain Research 18, 1-2, (107~114) Abstract
821 Mutational analysis of the role of the carboxy-terminal region of the v-erbB protein in erythroid cell transformation. 1993.01 Oncogene v. 8, (1317~1327) Abstract
820 Mossbauer study on the distribution change and charge conversion of cations in CoFe//2O//4. 1993.01 J. mater. sci. lett. v. 12, (361~362) Abstract
819 Morphology of structural domains in a congruently ordered L1//0 phase Fe-Pd alloy. 1993.01 Scripta metallurgica et materialia v. 29, (829~834) Abstract
818 Morphology and performance of polysulfone hollow fiber membrane. 1993.01 Journal of applied polymer science v. 49, (539~548) Abstract
817 Microwave dielectric properties of CeO2 added (Pb0.63Ca0.37)ZrO3 ceramic system 1993.01 Ferroelectrics 145, (135~141) Abstract

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