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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
18856 Multilayered graphene grafted copper wires Lee-Woon Jang; 2018.11 Carbon 139, (666~671) Abstract
18855 Lithography-free fabrication of field effect transistor channels with randomly contact-printed black phosphorus flakes SeolHee You; 2018.11 Materials science in semiconductor processing 86, (58~62) Abstract
18854 Growth of pure wurtzite InGaAs nanowires for photovoltaic and energy harvesting applications Hang Kyu Kang; 2018.11 Nano energy 53, (57~65) Abstract
18853 Exploration of surface properties of Sb-promoted copper vanadate catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NOX by NH3 Kim, Jongsik; 2018.11 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 236, (314~325) Abstract
18852 Enhanced electromechanical performance of P(VDF-TrFE-CTFE) thin films hybridized with highly dispersed carbon blacks Nguyen Dien kha Tu;Noh Myoung Sub; 2018.11 Composites. Part B, Engineering 152, (133~138) Abstract
18851 Effects of series resistance and interface properties on the operation of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors Dae-Young Jeon; 2018.11 Microelectronic engineering 199, 5, (40~44) Abstract
18850 Effect of substrate on photo-induced persistent photoconductivity in InAs nanowires Sungjin Park;Taeok Kim; 2018.11 Applied surface science 458, (964~971) Abstract
18849 Determination of six iodotrihalomethanes in drinking water in Korea Woo Bo Mi; 2018.11 The Science of the total environment 640-641, (581~590) Abstract
18848 Design of a porous gel polymer electrolyte for sodium ion batteries Jin Il Kim; 2018.11 Journal of membrane science 566, (122~128) Abstract
18847 Computational and experimental design of active and durable Ir-based nanoalloy for electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction Cho,Jinwon; 2018.11 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 235, (177~185) Abstract

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