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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
18168 Current-driven dynamics and inhibition of the skyrmion Hall effect of ferrimagnetic skyrmions in GdFeCo films Seonghoon Woo;Kyung Mee Song; 2018.03 Nature Communications 9, 959, (1~8) Abstract
18167 Current Collapse-Free and Self-Heating Performances in Normally Off GaN Nanowire GAA-MOSFETs Ki-Sik Im; 2018.03 IEEE transactions on electron devices 6, (354~359) Abstract
18166 Circulating MicroRNA Expression Levels Associated With Internet Gaming Disorder Minho Lee;Hyeyoung Cho; 2018.03 Frontiers in Psychiatry 9, (1~9) Abstract
18165 Bench scale catalytic fast pyrolysis of empty fruit bunches over low cost catalysts and HZSM-5 using a fixed bed reactor Donghoon Ro;Young-Min Kim; 2018.03 Journal of cleaner production 176, (298~303) Abstract
18164 Anisotropic surface morphology in a tensile-strained InAlAs layer grown on InP(100) substrates Gunwu Ju;KIM HANSUNG; 2018.03 Thin solid films 649, (38~42) Abstract
18163 All villi-like metal oxide nanostructures-based chemiresistive electronic nose for an exhaled breath analyzer Moon Hi Gyu;Jung Young Mo; 2018.03 Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 257, (295~302) Abstract
18162 A Novel approach for forming carbon nanorods on the surface of carbon felt electrode by catalytic etching for high-performance vanadium redox flow battery Saleem Abbas;Hyuk Lee; 2018.03 Carbon 128, (31~37) Abstract
18161 Flexible piezoelectric sensor-based gait recognition Cha Youngsu; 2018.02 Sensors 18, 2, (468-1~468-10) Abstract
18160 Highly efficient and stable organic additive for positive electrolyte in vanadium redox flow battery: Taurine biomolecule containing ?NH2 and ?SO3H functional groups Jinyeon Hwang; 2018.02 Journal of materials chemistry. A, Materials for energy and sustainability 6, (4695~4705) Abstract
18159 High-throughput and direct measurement of androgen levels using turbulent flow chromatography liquid chromatography-triple quarupole mass spectrometry (TFC-LC-TQMS) to discover chemicals that modulate dihydrotestosterone production in human prostate cancer celss Kang Kyungsu; 2018.02 Biotechnology letters 40, 2, (263~270) Abstract

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