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K09421 Transparent electromagnetic shielding interference film and method of manufacturing the same 2018-0033615 2018.03.23
K09441 Apparatus and method for dewatering sewage sludge 2018-0033221 2018.03.22
K09093 Process to produce cyclic and aromatic chemicals from biomass containing lignin by alkali glycerol aqueous solution without external hydrogen supply 2018-0033174 2018.03.22
K09269 Method for non-contact investigation of electro-optic properties at extreme surface of semiconductors using Terahertz metamaterials 2018-0033366 2018.03.22
F05245 15/926366 2018.03.20
K09433 A siRNA delivery system in which siRNA and mesoporous silica nanoparticle are glued by metal ion, a preparation method thereof and use thereof 2018-0031505 2018.03.19
K09439 Hypoxylon truncatum composition for stimulating insulin secretion from a cell and use thereof 2018-0031706 2018.03.19
F05281 A method for aging simulation based on age information of facial parts and environmental factors 2018.03.19
K09429 2018-0030746 2018.03.16
K09348 Combined optical resonators for sensing of both temperature and strain 2018-0030742 2018.03.16

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