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K09337 Polyketone-hybrid carbon filler based composite with enhanced mechanical properties and thermal stability and process of preparing the same 2018-0005763 2018.01.16
K09326 composition or kit for diagnosing behavioral addiction and method of detecting AAPK1 for diagnosis of behavioral addiction using the same 2018-0005252 2018.01.15
F05099 core/double-shell structured red-emitting upconversion nanophosphors 15/871,062 2018.01.15
K09298 Method and apparatus for screening synthetic chemical library and natural products 2018-0005265 2018.01.15
F05143 Method for synthesis of graphene along waveguides in situ, photonics devices including graphene obtained using the method 15/871065 2018.01.15
F05256 201810037521.2 2018.01.15
F05277 201810037524.6 2018.01.15
F05158 15/869031 2018.01.12
F04908 15/869504 2018.01.12
F05180 Neural probe array of high performance and for minimized damage of neuron 201680041169.9 2018.01.12

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