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K09333 Electrolyte formulation with a solvent additive for high performance lithium metal battery 2018-0000650 2018.01.03
K09336 Electrolyte formulation with a salt additive for high performance lithium metal battery 2018-0000651 2018.01.03
K09292 Partial discharge sensor 2018-0000873 2018.01.03
K09268 Robust control of transmission/reflection for ultrasensitive optical sensor 2018-0000351 2018.01.02
K09323 Smart Hazardous Air Pollutants Sampler for Measuring Diurnal Variation 2017-0183693 2017.12.29
F05218 A novel antitumor agent using exosome PCT/KR2017/015784 2017.12.29
K09075 FABRICATION METHOD FOR hybrid nanostructured ALUMINUM SURFACE AND THE SURFACE BODY 2017-0184625 2017.12.29
K09356 2017-0183599 2017.12.29
K09368 10-2017-0183677 2017.12.29
K09339 Peptide and protein sequencing method using nanopore 2017-0184811 2017.12.29

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