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F05022 polyethylenimine attached reduced graphene oxide coated separators for high performance lithium sulfur batteries 15/846819 2017.12.19
K08987 Essential oil polystyrene capsules and their precursor emulsions and the preparation method thereof 2017-0175525 2017.12.19
F05109 In vitro skin model and drug screening 16864417.7 2017.12.19
F05178 Method for electrochemical ammonia synthesis using single-crystalline metal catalyst 15/846893 2017.12.19
K09329 Floating type MD module 2017-0174905 2017.12.19
F05171 17811428.6 2017.12.19
F05110 In vitro fibrosis model, method for producing the same and uses 16814592.8 2017.12.18
F05147 self-assembled poly-ribonucleoprotein nanoparticles 15/845,347 2017.12.18
K09090 Thermoelectric materials comprising MXene 2017-0174387 2017.12.18
K09345 Device for upper-limb rehabilitation 2017-0174012 2017.12.18

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