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K09108 Online simultaneous hydrogen/deuterium exchange of multi-target gas-phase molecules by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry coupled with gas chromatography 2017-0145827 2017.11.03
K09171 2017-0146182 2017.11.03
F05136 A vector comprising hEGF or PTD-hEGF and microalgae transformed with the same PCT/KR2017/012437 2017.11.03
F05138 15/802495 2017.11.03
K09233 Anaerobic digester and operating method of the same 10-2017-0145909 2017.11.03
K09234 Sludge decomposition system and operating method of the same 10-2017-0145908 2017.11.03
K09235 Food wastewater treatment system 10-2017-0145907 2017.11.03
K09245 Food wastewater treatment system and operation method of the same 10-2017-0145910 2017.11.03
K09222 Virtual space interface system for automatically providing interaction types and method for providing the same 2017-0145142 2017.11.02
K09211 Feedback System For Contrlling Brain-Computer Interface 2017-0145273 2017.11.02

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