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K09058 Nitrogen doped reduced graphene oxide artificial solid electrolyte interphase for high performance lithium metal batteries 2018-0022097 2018.02.23
K09384 2018-0021025 2018.02.22
K09420 Multicomponent catalyst composite comprising γ-Al2O3 nanorod and Cu-Zn-Al catalyst loaded thereon and use therof 2018-0021214 2018.02.22
K09413 Composition for prevent or reduce nephrotoxicity and use thereof 2018-0021205 2018.02.22
K09280 2018-0021012 2018.02.22
K09279 2018-0021026 2018.02.22
F05219 18157885.7 2018.02.21
K09405 Aeration tank with high temperature for manufacturing granule 10-2018-0020786 2018.02.21
K09412 Robot, System and Method for Cognitive Rehabilitation using Self-Organization 10-2018-0019642 2018.02.20
K09152 FENCE HAVING HYDROPHILIC MATERIAL 10-2018-0019563 2018.02.19

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