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19241 Oxidative coupling of methane over LaAlO 3 perovskite catalysts prepared by a co-precipitation method: Effect of co-precipitation pH value Yujin Sim;Jihoon Yoo; 2019.08 Journal of Energy Chemistry 35, (1~8) Abstract
19240 Towards solution-processable, thermally robust, transparent polyimide-chain-end tethered organosilicate nanohybrids Nam Ki-Ho;Jin jeong un;Dong Hoon Lee; 2019.04 Composites. Part B, Engineering 163, (290~296) Abstract
19239 Bio-organic-inorganic hybrid photocatalyst, TiO2 and glucose oxidase composite for enhancing antibacterial performance in aqueous environments Kim Byoung Chan; 2019.03 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 242, (194~201) Abstract
19238 Organophosphorus hydrolase-poly-β-cyclodextrin as a stable self-decontaminating bio-catalytic material for sorption and degradation of organophosphate pesticide Youngkwang Moon; 2019.03 Journal of hazardous materials 365, (261~269) Abstract
19237 Insights on low-friction mechanism of amorphous carbon films from reactive molecular dynamics study Li Xiaowei; 2019.03 Tribology international 131, (567~578) Abstract
19236 Efficient lipid extraction from the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica using switchable solvents SANGDO YOOK; 2019.03 Renewable energy 132, (61~67) Abstract
19235 Development of a BTB-/TBA+ Ion-paired Dye-based CO2 Indicator and its Application in a Multilayered Intelligent Packaging System Ji Sou Lyu;Inyoung Choi; 2019.03 Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 282, (359~365) Abstract
19234 An Incremental Learning Method for Spoof Fingerprint Detection Jun Beom Kho; 2019.02 Expert systems with applications 116, (52~64) Abstract
19233 Effective latent heat thermal energy storage system using thin flexible pouches 2019.02 Sustainable Cities and Society 45, (143~150) Abstract
19232 Effect of sputtering conditions on the structure and magnetic properties of self-assembled BiFeO3-CoFe2O4 nanocomposite thin films Tae Cheol Kim; 2019.02 Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 471, (116~123) Abstract

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