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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
18060 An InSb-based magnetoresistive biosensor using Fe3O4 nanoparticles kim seong-jong; 2018.02 Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 255, (2894~2899) Abstract
18059 Optogenetic Control of Body Movements via Flexible Vertical Light-Emitting Diodes on Brain Surface Seung Hyun Lee;Jeongjin Kim;Jung Ho Shin; 2018.02 Nano energy 44, (447~455) Abstract
18058 Onion-like carbon as dopant/modification-free electrocatalyst for [VO]2+/[VO2]+ redox reaction:Performance-control mechanism Ko Young Jin;Choi Keunsu; 2018.02 Carbon 127, (31~40) Abstract
18057 Multiscale prediction of thermal conductivity for nanocomposites containing crumpled carbon nanofillers with interfacial characteristics Seong Yun Kim; 2018.02 Composites science and technology 155, (169~176) Abstract
18056 Microporous ceramic coated separators with superior wettability for enhancing the electrochemical performance of sodium-ion batteries Yustian Suharto; 2018.02 Journal of power sources 376, (184~190) Abstract
18055 Mesoporous carbon for efficient removal of microcystin-LR in drinking water sources, Nak-Dong River, South Korea: Application to a field-scale drinking water treatment plant Park Jeong Ann; 2018.02 Chemosphere 193, (883~891) Abstract
18054 Facile synthesis of thermally stable CsPbBr3 perovskite quantum dot-inorganic SiO2 composites and their application to white light-emitting diodes with wide color gamut Park, Da Hye; 2018.02 Dyes and pigments 149, (246~252) Abstract
18053 Electrorheological properties of algae dispersed suspension: New application of harmful algae Chun Young Sang; 2018.02 Colloids and surfaces. A, Physicochemical and engineering aspects 539, (354~363) Abstract
18052 Comparative study of peroxide oxidants activated by nZVI: Removal of 1,4-dioxane and arsenic (III) in contaminated waters Yu-Gyeong Kang; 2018.02 Chemical engineering journal 334, (2511~2519) Abstract
18051 Chemical characterization of cytotoxic indole acetic acid derivative from mulberry fruit (Morus alba L.) against human cervical cancer Jae Sik Yu; 2018.02 Bioorganic chemistry 76, (28~36) Abstract

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