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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
18010 Autostereoscopic 3D display system with dynamic fusion of viewing zone(DFVZ) under eye-tracking: principles, set-up, and evaluation [Invited] Yoon Ki-Hyuk; 2018.01 Applied optics 57, 1, (A101~A117) Abstract
18009 Advances in Self-Healing Materials Based on Vascular Networks with Mechanical Self-Repair Characteristics Min Wook Lee; 2018.01 Advances in colloid and interface science 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
18008 Activation of the Nrf2 signaling pathway and neuroprotection of nigral dopaminergic neurons by a novel synthetic compound KMS99220 Ji Ae Lee; 2018.01 Neurochemistry international 112, (96~107) Abstract
18007 A Vinyl Sulfone-Based Fluorogenic Probe Capable of Selective Labeling of PHGDH in Live Mammalian Cells Sijun Pan; 2018.01 Angewandte Chemie international edition 57, 2, (579~583) Abstract
18006 Synthesis of Large-Area Tungsten Disulfide Films on Pre-Reduced Tungsten Suboxide Substrates Soo Ho Choi;Stephen Boandoh; 2017.12 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 49, (43021~43029) Abstract
18005 Transparent nanofiber textiles with intercalated ZnO@graphene QD LEDs for wearable electronics Lee Kyu Seung; 2017.12 Composites. Part B, Engineering 130, (70~75) Abstract
18004 The novel perovskite-type Ni-doped Sr0.92Y0.08TiO3 as a reforming biogas (CH4+CO2) for H2 production Byeong Wan Kwon; 2017.12 Applied energy 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
18003 The influence of N doping types for carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy composites_a combined experimental study and molecular dynamics simulation Hana jung; 2017.12 Composites. Part A, Applied science and manufacturing 103, (17~24) Abstract
18002 Tailoring ceramic membrane structures of solid oxide fuel cells via polymer-assisted electrospray deposition Jeong Hun Kim;Sung Soo Shin; 2017.12 Journal of membrane science 544, (234~242) Abstract
18001 Synthesis of high molecular weight polybenzimidazole using a highly pure monomer under mild conditions Eun-Ki Kim; 2017.12 Polymer international 66, 12, (1812~1818) Abstract

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