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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
19175 Co-recognition of multiple fingertips for tabletop human-projector interaction Ouk Choi; 2018.11 IEEE transactions on multimedia 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
19174 Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels of Autophagy-related Proteins Represent Potentially Novel Biomarkers of Early-Stage Parkinson’s Disease Jinyoung Youn;Lee Sang-Bin; 2018.11 Scientific Reports 8, (16866-1~16866-10) Abstract
19173 Capacitive biosensor based on vertically paired electrode with controlled parasitic capacitance Ga-Yeon Lee; 2018.11 Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 273, (384~392) Abstract
19172 CD44-targeted PLGA nanoparticles incorporating paclitaxel and FAK siRNA overcome chemoresistance in epithelial ovarian cancer Yeongseon Byeon;Jeong-Won Lee;Whan Soo Choi; 2018.11 Cancer research 78, 21, (6247~6256) Abstract
19171 Biosynthesis of novel daidzein derivatives using Bacillus amyloliquefaciens whole cells Kyu-Min Kim; 2018.11 Biocatalysis and biotransformation 36, 6, (469~8475) Abstract
19170 Beneficial Effects of Deoxyshikonin on Delayed Wound Healing in Diabetic Mice Jun Yeon Park;Myoung-Sook Shin; 2018.11 International journal of molecular sciences 19, (1~13) Abstract
19169 Aqueous-phase synthesis of Pd/TiO2/Fe3O4 hybrid nanostructures and their enhanced catalytic properties Ahyoung Cho;Geun-Ho Han; 2018.11 Chemical physics letters 712, 16, (13~19) Abstract
19168 Analysis of the influence of interphase characteristics on thermal conduction in surface-modified carbon nanotube-reinforced composites using an analytical model Choi Hoi-Kil; 2018.11 Composites science and technology 168, (145~151) Abstract
19167 Accurate in-operando study of molten carbonate fuel cell degradation processes -part I: Physiochemical processes individuation F. Santoni; 2018.11 Electrochimica acta 291, (343~352) Abstract
19166 A Ru-Pt alloy electrode to suppress leakage currents of dynamic random-access memory capacitors PYEON JUNG JOON; 2018.11 Nanotechnology 29, (455202-1~455202-7) Abstract

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