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Registration number Subject Application Number Date
F04467 9941423 2018.04.10
F04632 Apparatus and method for water treatment using oxidation and reduction of manganese dioxide catalyst 9938168 2018.04.10
F04348 9936178 2018.04.03
K08105 Apparatus and method for bidirectional high permeable gas separation 10-1840732 2018.03.15
K08659 Sensor comprising silica chemically bound with spiropyran 10-1840410 2018.03.14
K08631 Biomarker for making prognosis of post-operation and method using the same 10-1840001 2018.03.13
K08512 Device and Method for Social Communication based on Writing Implements 10-1839905 2018.03.13
K08225 10-1840000 2018.03.13
K08787 10-1840003 2018.03.13
K08744 10-1840002 2018.03.13

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