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Registration number Subject Application Number Date
F05027 017072182 2018.01.15
C00955 C-2018-001174 2018.01.11
F03799 Thin film structure with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and method for manufacturing the same 2595164 2018.01.10
K08594 Composition for preventing or treating a dihydrotestosterone-induced disease comprising fucoxanthin 10-1818736 2018.01.09
K08463 10-1818735 2018.01.09
K08462 Composition for treating wound containing stellera chamaejasme extract or fraction thereof and method for treating wound in a subject 10-1818734 2018.01.09
K08613 Ventilation Air Cleaner and method for controlling same 10-1817223 2018.01.04
K07872 Method of preparing metal nano wire and 3D metal nano catalyst 10-1816800 2018.01.03
K08333 EXHALED GAS DIAGNOSIS DEVICE 10-1816804 2018.01.03
F01995 1528579 2018.01.03

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