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K08591 Method for fabrication of graphene-carbon-metal hybrid films, and their heat sink applications 10-1898524 2018.09.07
K08750 10-1898670 2018.09.07
K08632 10-1898010 2018.09.06
K08120 Apparatus and method for water treatment reducing cyanotoxins using permanganate and activated carbon 10-1898123 2018.09.06
K08471 10-1897631 2018.09.05
K09177 Ionic liquid, preparation method thereof and electrolyte for the rechargeable lithium battery comprising the same 10-1897706 2018.09.05
K08521 Catalysts for converting reaction of high carbon compound using ABE fermentation products and preparation method of high carbon compound using the same 10-1897712 2018.09.05
K08732 Lithium terminated sulfonated titania nano- particles for lithium metal anode, lithium sulfur battery comprising the same, and preparation method thereof 10-1897206 2018.09.04
K08469 10-1897066 2018.09.04
K08366 Carpet System using Smart Fabric 10-1897065 2018.09.04

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