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K08190 10-1816068 2018.01.02
K07861 Energy saving sustainable irrigation system connected storage tank for urban green roof system 10-1816066 2018.01.02
K08128 10-1816067 2018.01.02
F04428 Gas separation membrane with ladder-like polysilsesquioxane and method for fabricating the same 9855532 2018.01.02
K08310 10-1816222 2018.01.02
K08107 Method of preparing iron nitride electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalyst 10-1815248 2017.12.28
K08821 Catalyst of cathode for water electrolyzing device and method of preparing the same 10-1814609 2017.12.27
K06915 10-1814695 2017.12.27
F04849 Module connection mechanism capable of genderless coupling 9853386 2017.12.26
K08210 Photonics device for mode-locked laser based on black phosphorus and ring laser cavity including the same, method of manufacturing the photonics device 10-1813971 2017.12.26

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