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Registration number Subject Application Number Date
F04578 3144273 2018.01.31
F05265 3144273 2018.01.31
K07986 10-1826026 2018.01.31
K08677 Catalyst for synthesizing methanol or precursor thereof, manufacturing method thereof and process of preparing methanol or precursor thereof by using the same 10-1825158 2018.01.29
K08218 A BODIPY compounds, Manufacturing method thereof and Mitochondrial labeling method using the same 10-1825024 2018.01.29
K08548 System, Method and Readable Recording Medium of Controlling Virtual Model for Grasp and Release by Virtual Hand Model 10-1824532 2018.01.26
K08149 Method for preparing covalently cross-linked membrane by changing ionic cross-linking to covalently cross-linking and covalently cross-linked membrane prepared thereby 10-1824531 2018.01.26
K08452 10-1824653 2018.01.26
K08408 10-1824652 2018.01.26
K07726 10-1824530 2018.01.26

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