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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
7347 Few-Seconds Flash-Light Cross-linking of Polymer Gate Dielectric for Flexible Organic Thin-Film Transistors Kim soojin; 2017.12 2017 MRS Fall Meeting ) Abstract
7346 Emergence of gamma oscillations in the fronto-visual cortical network during perceptual binding Han Hiobeen; 2017.11 Society for Neuroscience ) Abstract
7345 Time-dependent stimulation of PV+ neurons in the basal forebrain reorganizes cortical gamma-band oscillations network Eunjin Hwang; 2017.11 Society for Neuroscience ) Abstract
7344 The Effect of CO2 on FTS over FBR System for Applications in GTL-FPSO Process Hong Gihoon; 2017.11 2017 AIchE Annual Meeing ) Abstract
7343 Targeted Multimodal Nanoparticles for Pre-Procedural MRI and Intra-Operative Image-Guidance Joonseok Lee; 2017.11 2017 MRS Fall Meeting ) Abstract
7342 Report on the first 4 years of maintenance of the HVE 6 MV Tandetron accelerator at KIST Joon Kon Kim; 2017.11 제7회 동아시아가속기질량분석학회 ) Abstract
7341 Modulation of human saccade behavior using low-intensity focused ultrasound KIM HYUNG MIN; 2017.11 SOCIETY FOR NEUROSCIENCE ) Abstract
7340 Kinetics of lipid raft formation at lipid monolayer-bilayer Junctions determined by surface plasmon resonance Yong-Sang Ryu; 2017.11 2017 MRS Fall Meeting ) Abstract
7339 Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming of Methane over Nickel-Based Catalysts Supported on the Alumina Mixed with SiC Young-su Noh; 2017.11 2017 AIchE Annual Meeing ) Abstract
7338 Improvements in the Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Composite Fibers via Continuous Photonic Flash Sintering Nam Ki-Ho;Yong-O Im; 2017.10 Processing and Fabrication of the Advanced Materials ) Abstract

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