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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
7398 The Effect of Initial Chemical State of Copper nanoparticles Towards C2 Products for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Jung Hyejin;Min Byoung Koun;Yun Jeong Hwang; 2018.05 233rd ECS Meeting ) Abstract
7397 Terahertz molecule-specific sensing platform and applications MINAH SEO; 2018.05 The 7th Asia-Pacific Optical Sensors Conference ) Abstract
7396 The lipid A 1-phosphatase, LpxE, play multiple roles in bacteria envelope biogenesis JINSU AN; 2018.04 The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ) Abstract
7395 Results and significance in doping analysis at thePyeongchang Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2018 Kwon, Oh-Seung; 2018.04 Manfred Donike Workshop ) Abstract
7394 PNA intermediated capture assay: High-throughput analysis of exogenous DNA for gene doping Changmin Sung; 2018.04 36th Manfred Donike Workshop ) Abstract
7393 Neural Electrode with Artificial Conduit for Chronic Signal Recording JUNG WOO HYUN; 2018.04 Society for Biomaterials 2018 Annual Meeting & Exposition ) Abstract
7392 Multiplex Chemotyping Microarrays (MCM) Choi, Sun; 2018.04 EMN meeting on Droplets ) Abstract
7391 Microfluidic System Integrated Contact Lens for Tear Sampling Kim Ockchul; 2018.04 Society for Biomaterials 2018 Annual Meeting & Exposition ) Abstract
7390 Zn Nanostructured Catalyst Reduced from Its Oxide for Selective CO2 Electroreduction and the Role of Oxidized Zn Species DANG LE TRI NGUYEN;Yun Jeong Hwang; 2018.04 2018 MRS Spring Meeting ) Abstract
7389 2018 평창올림픽 및 패럴림픽에서의 라지 펩타이드 도핑분석법:유효성 검증, 시행, 케이스 확인 Han Boyoung; 2018.04 36th Manfred Donike Workshop ) Abstract

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