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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
7257 Evaluation of carotenoids variations due to plant replicates for 50 pepper varieties using targeted metabolomics analysis platform Jo Jin Ho; 2017.06 Metabolomics ) Abstract
7256 Enhancement of maximum current density through carbon nanotube-diamond composites Dong Su Lee; 2017.06 ICASS2017 ) Abstract
7255 Compensation of Perceived Hardness of a Virtual Object with Cutaneous Feedback Jaeyoung Park; 2017.06 World Haptics Conference , (101~106) Abstract
7254 Numerical Study of Cage Dynamics Focused on Hydrodynamic Effects of Guidance Land Clearances for Different Ball-Pocket Clearances in Cryogenic Environment Choe, Bok Seong; 2017.06 2017 ASME Turbo Expo ) Abstract
7253 Nitric Oxide-releasing Tethered Lipid Bilayer Coated titanium surfaces Mahmoud Amr Elnaggar; 2017.06 TERMIS-EU ) Abstract
7252 Membrane Development for HT PEMFC Dirk Henkensmeier; 2017.06 Solid State Ionics 21 ) Abstract
7251 Less surface roughness scattering effects in highly doped Si-channel and ambipolar conduction behavior with Schottky-barrier contacts Dae-Young Jeon; 2017.06 ICASS2017 ) Abstract
7250 Webized 3D content streaming system for autostereoscopic 3D displays Daeil Seo; 2017.06 International Conference on 3D Web Technology , (1~6) Abstract
7249 Theoretical study on the interactions between the tetrazole-units in the membranes for fuel-cell applications Artur Michalak; 2017.06 EMEA 2017 ) Abstract
7248 Terahertz nanoscopy of sublime surface dynamics of semiconductors Dai-Sik Kim; 2017.06 9th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies ) Abstract

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