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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
7341 Report on the first 4 years of maintenance of the HVE 6 MV Tandetron accelerator at KIST Joon Kon Kim; 2017.11 제7회 동아시아가속기질량분석학회 ) Abstract
7340 Modulation of human saccade behavior using low-intensity focused ultrasound KIM HYUNG MIN; 2017.11 SOCIETY FOR NEUROSCIENCE ) Abstract
7339 An analytical interphase model combined with a molecular dynamics simulation for CNT/polymer composites Choi Hoi-Kil; 2017.10 Processing and Fabrication of the Advanced Materials ) Abstract
7338 Highly selective and sensitive detection of Cr6+ ions using size-specific label-free gold nanoparticle K. Rajalakshmi; 2017.10 BIT’s 7th annual world congress of Nanoscience and technology ) Abstract
7337 Focused ultrasound treatment promotes nerve regeneration in rat Kim Dong Hwee; 2017.10 World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology Congress (WFUMB) ) Abstract
7336 Fast and scalable synthesis of reduce graphene oxide by Couette-Taylor flow Nam Ki-Ho; 2017.10 Processing and Fabrication of the Advanced Materials ) Abstract
7335 The antiadipogenic effect of Aster glehni extract through HMG-CoA reductase and fatty acid synthase LEE HYUN BEOM; 2017.10 Medicinal plants and natural products research ) Abstract
7334 Continuous sorting and differentiation potential of adult stem cells based on filterless microfluidic filtration Chang Jae Shim; 2017.10 MicroTAS 2017 21) Abstract
7333 A Neural Recording Amplifier Based on Adaptive SNR Optimization Technique for Long-Term Implantation Taeju Lee; 2017.10 IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference 2017 , (352~355) Abstract
7332 Characteristics of gas sensor based on environment-friendly reduced graphene oxide JUNG MIN WOOK; 2017.10 Processing and Fabrication of the Advanced Materials ) Abstract

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