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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
28 Testing for rotordynamic coefficients and leakage circumferentially-grooved turbulent annular seals. 1986.09 The international conference on rotordynamics, September 14-17, 1986, Tokyo , (609~?) Abstract
27 Physical shielding by shrouding gas jet issuing horizontally into a liquid. 1986.06 IV int. conf. on injection metallurgy , (4~1 ∼ 4-19) Abstract
26 Equilibrium adsorption of vapor mixtures by activated carbon. 1986.04 Scientific Conference on Chemical Defense Research , (1027~1033) Abstract
25 A study on ball bearing fault diagnosis by cepstral analysis. 1986.01 Proceedings of international conference on rotordynamic, Tokyo, Japan , (397~?) Abstract
24 Toxicological studies on nivalenol (I). Lethal toxicity in mice and cytotoxicity to cultured cells. 1986.01 Proc. Jpn. Assoc. Mycotoxicol. v. 24, (31~34) Abstract
23 Thermally stable, deep UV resist materials 1986.01 Polymeric materials : science and engineering, proceedings of the ACS Division of Polymeric Materials, Science and Engineering 55, (608~609) Abstract
22 A synthetic study of gasoline engine wear characteristics through an endurance test. 1986.01 JSAE review. v. 8, no. 1, (373~378) Abstract
21 Extinction of interacting premixed flames: theory and experimental comparisons. 1986.01 Proceedings of 21st symposium(international) on combustion , (1845~1851) Abstract
20 Diffraction by a dielectric wedge with distributed correction currents on the interfaces Kim Se Yun; 1985.08 Proceedings of ISAP '85 , (859~862) Abstract
19 A dynamic repair model in a transfer line with robots and limited repair capability 1985.05 13th NAMRC , (?~?) Abstract

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