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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
152 Tool path verification and NC program editing under a multi-window environment 1992.01 Proceedings of the 1992 Japan/USA symposium on flexible automation. v. 1, (409~414) Abstract
151 Extractive plant cell culture. 1992.01 Proceedings of Asia-Pacific biochemical engineering conference , (237~241) Abstract
150 Electrical and thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3-Bi2Se3 single crystals 1992.01 Proceedings of the XI international conference on thrmoelectrics , (266~270) Abstract
149 Effects of system parameters on image transmission through fiber using self-pumped phase conjugation. 1992.01 OSA annual meeting , (ThBB2~ThBB2) Abstract
148 Effects of semi-IPN structure on the properties of thermoset/thermoplastic blends 1992.01 4th SPSJ Int. Polymer Conf. Yokohama, Japan (1992. 10.) , (?~?) Abstract
147 A study on the microsegregationless solidification in rapidly solidified Al-Cr alloys. 1991.09 Proceeding of international conference on recent advances in science and engineering of light metals , (1029~1034) Abstract
146 Correlation between magnetic properties and microstructural changes of low alloy steels used for high temperature components in thermal power plants. 1991.08 ICM 6 , (WS6b3~?) Abstract
145 Thermal modelling of the continuous casting process. 1991.07 4th international symposium on transport phenomena in heat and mass transfer, Sydney Australia v. 3, (966~977) Abstract
144 Time weighted fault-tolerant control using fuzzy logic 이희규; 1991.07 IFSA '91 Brussels : Engineering , (105~108) Abstract
143 The effects of process conditions on the prperties of SiN film in PECVD process. 1991.06 Proc. int. meeting on chemical eng. & biotechnology: lecture programme, Frankfurt, am Main , (?~?) Abstract

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