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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
142 Measurements of T//0 temperatures of supersaturated Si-As alloys. 1991.05 MRS proceedings v. 205, (?~?) Abstract
141 Rapid thermal annealing dependence of deep electron traps in GaAs-on-Si grown by MOCVD. 1991.01 Proc. 4th Asia Pacific phys. conf. v. 1, (584~587) Abstract
140 Effect of stretching on the precipitation of an Al-2.33wt%Li-2.48wt% Cu alloy and its precipitation strengthening mechanisms. 1991.01 6th international aluminum-lithium conference, Garmisch, Partenkirchen v. 1, (83~88) Abstract
139 Structure and thermal analysis of LiTaO//3 ceramics substituted with trivalent cations. 1991.01 93 차 미국요업학회 발표 , Cincinneti, Ohio, USA , (?~?) Abstract
138 Effect of isolated Mn concentration on the ELD performance 1991.01 Japan-Korea joint symposium on information display, Tohoku Univ. Sendai, Japan. , (?~?) Abstract
137 The morphology of diamond deposited by acetylene - oxygen torch Lee Wook Seong; 1991.01 New Diamond Science and Technology-2, MRS Int. Proc. , (593~598) Abstract
136 Tetragonal zirconia composite in the system ZrO//2-Y//2O//3-Nb//2O//5. 1991.01 Proc. of 8th Jap.-Kor. seminar on ceramics , (220~230) Abstract
135 System design and performance analysis of an absorption heat transformer for waste heat recovery. 1991.01 Proc. absorption heat pump conference, Sep. 30 - Oct. 2, Tokyo, Japan , (327~332) Abstract
134 Synthesis and characterization of new thermotropic liquid crystalline poly(malonic ester)s. 1991.01 Preprints of polymer 91 IUPAC symp., Melbourne, Australia , (120~?) Abstract
133 SiCw/A2024 금속복합재료의 고온소성변형거동 . 1991.01 ICSMA 9 , (511.~511.) Abstract

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