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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
79 Modified epoxy system with crosslinked rubber phases 1989.12 Preprints, 1st Pacific Polymer Conference, Maui, Hawaii (1989. 12.) , (?~?) Abstract
78 The effect of transition metals addition on soft magnetic properties in (Co0.94-xFe0.06Mx)78Si4B18 amorphous alloys 1989.12 MRS Int'l Mtg. on Adv. Mat. 3, (329~334) Abstract
77 Treatment of strong organic wastewater using modified-RBC-system. 1989.12 An International Conference on Water '89: Water Decade and Beyond, 13-16 December 1989, Royal Orchid , (?~?) Abstract
76 Electromagnetic continuous wave probing to locate underground anomalies 이택경; 1989.11 Proceedings of the 1989 International Symposium on Noise and Clutter Rejection in Radars and Imaging , (685~688) Abstract
75 Ceramic protective coating for YBa2Cu3O7-x superconductors 1989.09 Proceeding of the Beijing international conferences on high T//c superconductivity. , (222~224) Abstract
74 Characterization of catalysts from molybdenum naphthenate. 1989.09 American Chemical Society : Division of Fuel Chemistry v. 34, no. 4, (1431~1438) Abstract
73 Electromagnetic imagning of 2-D inhomogeneous dielectric objects by an improved spectral inverse technique Kim Se Yun; 1989.09 IEEE COMPUMAG Digest , (841~844) Abstract
72 Evaluation of the activity of nickel coprocessing using model systems. 1989.09 Prepr. Pap. - Am. Chem. Soc., Div. Fuel Chem. v. 34, no. 4, (1446~1452) Abstract
71 Analysis of field patterns scattered by an underground void of circular cylinder Kim Se Yun; 1989.08 Proceedings of ISAP '89 , (393~396) Abstract
70 Electromagnetic imaging by using the moment-method procedures in the spectral domain Kim Se Yun; 1989.08 Proc. ISAE '89 , (162~165) Abstract

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