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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
41 Solidification of hazardous wastes: an approach using cementitious binders. 1988.01 Proceedings Pacific Basin Conference on Hajardous Waste Research , (14~14) Abstract
40 Suspension processing of SiC whisker-reinforced ceramic composites. 1988.01 CERAMIC TRANSACTIONS v. 1, (440~452) Abstract
39 Suspension processing of SiC-whisker-reinforced composites. 1988.01 Materials research society proceedings. v. 120, (175~184) Abstract
38 Comparison of multipole and neumann's expansions to correction currents for diffraction by a dielectric wedge Kim Se Yun; 1987.06 IEEE AP-S Digest , (1082~1085) Abstract
37 Isotherm models for mixed vapor adsorption o activated carbon. 1987.06 ⅩⅤⅢ th Biennial conference on Arbon , (90~91.) Abstract
36 A study on the effect of surface roughness in thin film at the ball-on-disc counterformal sliding contact. 1987.01 Proceedings of international conference on condition monitoring, Swansea, U.K. , (?~?) Abstract
35 Removal of diisobutylene from tertiarybutylalcohol, water and diisobutylene mixture. 1987.01 Proceedings of 4th APCChE'87 Singapore. , (626~631) Abstract
34 Regeneration of activated carbon with supercritical carbon dioxide. 1987.01 4th APCChE'87 Singapore, May 13-15, 1987. , (687~692) Abstract
33 Recrystallization behaviors of original austenite, reversed austenite and martensite in Fe-32% Ni alloy. 1987.01 Proceedings of the International Conference on Martensite Transformation (1986), Japan (ICOMAT-86) , (547~553) Abstract
32 Condition monitoring techniques of an internal combustion engine. 1987.01 Proc. of condition monitoring, Swansea, U. K. , (461~468) Abstract

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