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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
8935 Surface Modification of eta-Al2O3 by SiO2 Impregnation to Enhance Methanol Dehydration Activity Hoyong Jo; 2017.03 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 38, 3, (307~312) Abstract
8934 Repetitive bending test of membrane electrode assembly for bendable polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell Kang, Yun Sik;Taehyun Park; 2017.03 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 47, (323~328) Abstract
8933 A Process Integrated Engineering Knowledge Acquisition and Management Model for a Project based Manufacturing Jinteck Han; 2017.02 International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 18, 2, (175~185) Abstract
8932 Segregated cell populations enable distinct parallel encoding within the radial axis of the CA1 pyramidal layer Geiller Tristan Camille; 2017.02 Experimental Neurobiology 26, 1, (1~10) Abstract
8931 Pulsed current activated synthesis and consolidation of a nanostructured Cr2Zr-ZrO2 composite and its mechanical properties In-Jin Shon; 2017.02 Journal of ceramic processing research 18, 2, (98~102) Abstract
8930 Orai1 and Orai3 in Combination with Stim1 Mediate the Majority of Store-operated Calcium Entry in Astrocytes KWON JEA; 2017.02 Experimental Neurobiology 26, 1, (42~54) Abstract
8929 Optimization of Layout and Path Planning of Surgical Robotic System Nguyen Quoc Cuong; 2017.02 International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems 15, 1, (375~384) Abstract
8928 Evaluation of the Chemical Reporter Analog PNP-6AzGlcNAc as an O-GlcNAcase Substrate Eun J. Kim; 2017.02 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 38, 2, (264~270) Abstract
8927 Drug Abuse and Psychosis: New Insights into Drug-induced Psychosis SUJI HAM; 2017.02 Experimental Neurobiology 26, 1, (11~24) Abstract
8926 Air-Operating Polypyrrole Actuators Based on Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Membranes Filled with Poly(ethylene oxide) Electrolytes Dae Seok Song; 2017.02 Macromolecular research 25, 2, (135~140) Abstract

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