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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
9050 Electrophoretic kinetics of concentrated TiO2 nanoparticle suspensions in aprotic solvent So-Yeon Lee; 2018.01 Electronic materials letters 14, 1, (79~82) Abstract
9049 Efficient depolymerization of lignin in supercritical ethanol by a combination of metal and base catalysts Susan Olivia Limarta; 2018.01 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 57, (45~54) Abstract
9048 플라즈마 처리에 의한 폴리비닐리덴플로라이드 나노섬유의 젖음성 Seung-Hoon Lee; 2018.01 한국섬유공학회지 55, 1, (1~8) Abstract
9047 Microwell-mediated cell spheroid formation and its applications Yu-Shik Hwang;KIM, JINSEOK; 2018.01 Macromolecular research 26, 1, (1~8) Abstract
9046 Microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir welded and laser welded high entropy alloy CrMnFeCoNi JO MIN GU; 2018.01 Metals and Materials International 24, 1, (73~83) Abstract
9045 A Novel Computational Method for Biomedical Binary Data Analysis: Development of a Thyroid Disease Index Using a Brute-Force Search with MLR Analysis Jin Kak Lee; 2017.12 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 38, (1392~1397) Abstract
9044 Effects of an In Vacancy on Local Distortion of Fast Phase Transition in Bi doped In3SbTe2 Minho Choi; 2017.12 Journal of the Korean Physical Society 71, 12, (946~949) Abstract
9043 Disease-miRNAdb: a manually-curated database for the investigation of the microRNA-human disease relationship Jae Moon Shin;Wooyoung Lim; 2017.12 Genes & genomics 39, 12, (1419~1424) Abstract
9042 A Review of Industrially Developed Components and Operation Conditions for Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolysis Ahyoun Lim; 2017.12 Journal of electrochemical science and technology 8, 4, (265~273) Abstract
9041 A Novel Visualization Method for Sleep Spindles Based on Source Localization of High Density EEG Soohyun Lee; 2017.12 Experimental Neurobiology 26, 6, (e28-1~e28-7) Abstract

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