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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
9015 그래핀 기반 폴리이미드 복합재의 기계적 물성 Nam Ki-Ho; 2017.10 Composites Research 30, 5, (261~266) Abstract
9014 교번스퍼터링법에 의해 다양한 기지상 재료위에 형성된 Au 나노입자의 성장거동에 대한 전기, 광학적 분석 Bum-Joon Kim; 2017.10 대한금속 . 재료학회지 = Korean journal of metals and materials 55, 10, (739~744) Abstract
9013 Use of Hydrazine for Pitting Corrosion Inhibition of Copper Sprinkler Tubes: Reaction of Hydrazine with Corrosion By-Products SUH, SANG HEE; 2017.10 Corrosion Science and Technology 16, 5, (247~256) Abstract
9012 Enhanced thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of polyurethane composites with the introduction of thermally annealed carbon nanotubes Ha Yu Mi; 2017.10 Macromolecular research 25, 10, (1015~1021) Abstract
9011 Targeting the epitope spreader Pep19 by naive human CD45RA+ regulatory T cells dictates a distinct suppressive T cell fate in a novel form of immunotherapy Hyun-Joo Kim; 2017.10 Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science 47, 5, (292~311) Abstract
9010 Concise Synthesis of Aloesone and Aloesol Natural Products KIM, HYOUNG JA; 2017.10 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 38, 10, (1121~1122) Abstract
9009 Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system-applied QSAR with bond dissociation energy for antioxidant activities of phenolic compounds JHIN, CHANG HO; 2017.10 Archives of pharmacal research 40, 10, (1146~1155) Abstract
9008 Optical sensitivity of DNA-dispersed single-walled carbon nanotubes within cement composites under mechanical load Jin Hee Kim; 2017.10 Carbon letters 24, (90~96) Abstract
9007 Modulating the Voltage-sensitivity of a Genetically Enocoded Voltage Indicator Jung Arong; 2017.10 Experimental Neurobiology 26, 5, (241~251) Abstract
9006 In-situ catalytic pyrolysis of lignin in a bench-scale fixed bed pyrolyzer Hoda Shafaghat;Pouya Sirous Rezaei;Donghoon Ro;Jungho Jae; 2017.10 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 54, (447~453) Abstract

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