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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
9077 Instrument?Free and Autonomous Generation of H2O2 from Mg?ZnO/Au Hybrids for Disinfection and Organic Pollutant Degradations Seon Yeong Park; 2018.03 Metals and Materials International 24, (657~663) Abstract
9076 Engineered co-precipitation chemistry with ammonium carbonate for scalable synthesis and sintering of improved Sm0.2Ce0.8O1.90 and Gd0.16Pr0.04Ce0.8O1.90 electrolytes for IT-SOFCs L. Spiridigliozzi; 2018.03 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 59, (17~27) Abstract
9075 Effects of salmon DNA fraction in vitro and in a monosodium iodoacetate-induced osteoarthritis rat model Ho Jong Ra; 2018.03 The Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology 22, 2, (163~172) Abstract
9074 Effect of various shaped magnesium hydroxide particles on mechanical and biological properties of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) composites Hye Jung Jang;Sung-Bin Park; 2018.03 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 59, (266~276) Abstract
9073 Baffle dust collector for removing particles from a subway tunnel during the passage of a train Jung-Bo Sim; 2018.03 Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 32, 3, (1415~1421) Abstract
9072 Auger 반응기에서 제조한 다시마 유래 열분해오일의 특성 CHOI, JAE WOOK; 2018.03 청정기술 = Clean technology 24, 1, (70~76) Abstract
9071 Amplitude, period and orientation of the moire patterns in barrier 3D displays Vladimir Saveljev; 2018.03 Journal of information display. , (1~10) Abstract
9070 Partitioning effects of nonionic surfactants on the solubilization of single or binary chlorinated solvents: Batch and column experiments YANG, JUNG-SEOK; 2018.02 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 58, (140~147) Abstract
9069 일체형 산화철 촉매를 전극으로 하는 전기펜톤산화법 CHOE YUN JEONG; 2018.02 공업화학 (Applied Chemistry for Engineering) 29, 1, (117~121) Abstract
9068 Toward the multiscale nature of stress corrosion cracking Xiaolong Liu; 2018.02 Nuclear engineering and technology 50, 1, (1~17) Abstract

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