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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
8985 Therapeutic implication of autophagy in neurodegenerative diseases RAHMANMD ATAUR; 2017.07 BMB REPORTS 50, 7, (345~354) Abstract
8984 Synthesis and Characterization of New Diamines Containing Rigid Aromatic Ester Units as Curing Agent for High Performance Epoxy Resin KIM HYEONIL; 2017.07 Macromolecular research 25, 7, (763~766) Abstract
8983 Surface Pinning Effect of an Antiferromagnetic Interlayer Exchange Coupling in (Ga1-xMnxAs/GaAs:Be)10 Multilayer Byeong-Gwan Cho;KIM DONG OK; 2017.07 Journal of the Korean Physical Society 71, 2, (121~125) Abstract
8982 Study on the effect of current collector structures on the performance of MCFCs using three-dimensional fluid dynamics analysis Chang Whan Lee; 2017.07 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 51, (153~161) Abstract
8981 Development of a Surgical Navigation System for Corrective Osteotomy Based on Augmented Reality Bong Jae Hwan; 2017.07 International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 18, 7, (1057~1062) Abstract
8980 Quantitative Analysis of Hydrogen Peroxide Using Ratiometric Fluorescent Probe-doped Silica Nanoparticles Youngyoon Kim;Hyoung Sub Kim; 2017.06 Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences, 9, 2, (108~115) Abstract
8979 실내 에어로졸의 거동 및 제어 연구동향 Bae, Gwi-Nam; 2017.06 실내환경 및 냄새 학회지 16, 2, (99~112) Abstract
8978 말디토프 질량분석을 이용한 고분자의 특성분석 Min-Jung Kang; 2017.06 공업화학 (Applied Chemistry for Engineering) 28, 3, (263~271) Abstract
8977 Virtual Reality and 3D Printing for Craniopagus Surgery Gayoung Kim; 2017.06 Journal of International Society for Simulation Surgery 4, 1, (9~12) Abstract
8976 Synthesis, characterization and photophysical behavior of heteroleptic ruthenium-complexed ladder-like structured polysilsesquioxanes Anil Reddy Marri;CHO KIE YONG; 2017.06 Macromolecular research 25, 6, (591~598) Abstract

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