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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
9012 Benzotriazole as an electrolyte additive on lithium-ion batteries performance Louis Hamenu; 2017.09 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 53, (241~246) Abstract
9011 On the enhancement of thermo-mechanical properties of poly(L-lactide) by solid-state extrusion for biodegradable spinal fixation devices Chang Yong Kim; 2017.09 Macromolecular research 25, 9, (890~897) Abstract
9010 Seed Mediated Growth of Au Nanoplates on the Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide Films for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Young-Kwan Kim; 2017.09 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 32, (1042~1046) Abstract
9009 Properties and rapid sintering of a nanostructured tetragonal zirconia composites In-Jin Shon; 2017.09 Metals and Materials International 23, 5, (940~947) Abstract
9008 Effects of processing methods on the electrical conductivity, electromagnetic parameters, and EMI shielding effectiveness of polypropylene/nickel-coated carbon fiber composites Lee Seung hwan; 2017.09 Macromolecular research 25, 9, (936~943) Abstract
9007 Metabolomics Approach to Explore the Effects of Rebamipide on Inflammatory Arthritis Using Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography/Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry Su-Jin Moon;Soo Hyun Lee; 2017.08 Journal of rheumatic diseases : JRD 24, 4, (192~202) Abstract
9006 Synthesis of alumina-carbon composite material for the catalytic conversion of furfural to furfuryl alcohol MINSOO KIM;Fidelis Stefanus Hubertson Simanjuntak; 2017.08 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 52, (59~65) Abstract
9005 Silicone rubber with mussel-inspired adhesive coatings for enhancing antifouling property and blood compatibility Youngjin Cho;Si Yoong Seo; 2017.08 Macromolecular research 25, 8, (841~848) Abstract
9004 Preparation and characterization of Cu-N-C electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cells Kang, Yun Sik;Yoonhye Heo; 2017.08 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 52, (35~41) Abstract
9003 Porous MnO2/CNT catalysts with a large specific surface area for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide Min June Kim; 2017.08 The Korean journal of chemical engineering 34, 8, (2147~2153) Abstract

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