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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
9118 Boron nitride nanotubes: synthesis and applications Kim Jun Hee; 2018.06 Nano Convergence 5, (17-1~17-13) Abstract
9117 A novel flexible micro-ratchet/ZnO nano-rods surface with rapid recovery icephobic performance Manxiang Wang;Wenbo Yu; 2018.06 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 62, (52~57) Abstract
9116 Single Molecule Method for Molecular Biology Jeong Hee Kim; 2018.06 International Journal of Oral Biology 43, 2, (53~59) Abstract
9115 Robust anti-icing performance of silicon wafer with hollow micro-/nano-structured ZnO Lei Wang;Chao Teng; 2018.06 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 62, (46~51) Abstract
9114 Liquid Crystallinity of p-Aramid/Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Composites Kim Chae Bin; 2018.06 Fibers and polymers 19, 6, (1359~1362) Abstract
9113 Kinetic models of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reaction over granule-type Pt-promoted Co/Al2O3 catalyst Hyun Mo Koo; 2018.06 The Korean journal of chemical engineering 35, 6, (1263~1273) Abstract
9112 Investigation into the Gelation of Polyacrylonitrile Solution Induced by Dry-jet in Spinning Process and Its Effects on Diffusional Process in Coagulation and Structural Properties of Carbon Fibers KeonAh Shin; 2018.06 Macromolecular research 26, 6, (544~551) Abstract
9111 Controlled extracellular topographical and chemical cues for acceleration of neuronal development Sunho Park; 2018.05 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 61, (65~70) Abstract
9110 Effect of Time Dependent Pinning Pressure on Abnormal Grain Growth: Phase Field Simulation KIm, Jeong Min; 2018.05 Metals and Materials International 24, 3, (549~559) Abstract
9109 Dissolved organic matter charcteistics and bacteriological changes during phosphorus removal using ladle furnace slag Jin H. Noh; 2018.05 Membrane Water Treatment 9, 3, (181~188) Abstract

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