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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
9098 A study of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of particulate matter (PM2.5) in human lung epithelial cells (A549) Woong Kim; 2018.04 Molecular & Cellular Toxicology 14, 2, (163~172) Abstract
9097 Opendata 기반 포항 및 경주지진에 의한 건물손상 평가 Seung-Hyun Eem; 2018.04 한국지진공학회 논문집 22, 3, (121~128) Abstract
9096 지리정보시스템을 활용한 서울시 유해대기오염물질 우선순위 측정지역 선정 Seong-Joon Kim; 2018.04 한국대기환경학회지 = Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment 34, 2, (223~232) Abstract
9095 응집슬러지를 이용한 하수슬러지의 탈수성 및 침강성 개선 So Soohyun; 2018.04 상하수도학회지 32, 2, (89~96) Abstract
9094 Implication of multivalent aptamers in DNA and DNA-RNA hybrid structures for efficient drug delivery in vitro and in vivo Yoon Young Kang;Jihyeon Song; 2018.04 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 60, (250~258) Abstract
9093 Glioblastoma-secreted soluble CD44 activates tau pathology in the brain Lim Sungsu;Kim Dohee; 2018.04 Experimental & molecular medicine 50, 5, (1~11) Abstract
9092 Genetic Ablation of EWS RNA Binding Protein 1 (EWSR1) Leads to Neuroanatomical Changes and Motor Dysfunction in Mice Yeojun Yoon; 2018.04 Experimental Neurobiology 27, 2, (103~111) Abstract
9091 Synthesis and Characterization of Some Alkaline-Earth-Oxide Nanoparticles Jitendra Pal Singh; 2018.04 Journal of the Korean Physical Society 72, 8, (890~899) Abstract
9090 Standalone macroporous graphitic nanowebs for vanadium redox flow batteries Min Eui Lee; 2018.04 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 60, (85~90) Abstract
9089 Fabrication and Operation Characteristics of Electrolyte Impregnated Matrix and Cathode for Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells Chang-Whan, LEE;Mihui Lee; 2018.04 International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology 5, 2, (289~296) Abstract

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