The Applied Optics Laboratory (1972) and the Optoelectronics Laboratory (1986) were combined in 1996 to become the Photonics Technology Research Center focused on optics and optoelectronics technologies, which was later reborn as the Sensor System Research Center (SSRC) mainly researching on optical & electrical sensor technology including signal processing and communications. A group of 11 research staffs, along with over 50 post-doctorate and student researchers, work on a broad range of topics including medical, commercial, and defense laser technologies as well as nano sensors for gas and bio applications, sensor systems with signal processing and communication, and also smart toys.

Vision & Objective

We work to combine a myriad of human-sense-motivated sensors to integrate them with our nano, bio, and information technology. The scope of our research spans from health/medical and industry/defense for the purpose of contributing to national healthcare, industry growth, education and culture, and military defense. We develop such systems across low- and high-level systems, from individual sensors to a combined system of multiple connected sensors, with the goal of integrating sensors with traditional industrial applications.


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