Hazardous Substances Detection
  • Hazardous substance detection in atmosphere, indoor food, and water
  • Optics-based hazardous substance detection with high-sensitivity
  • Fast detection techniques using microfluidics
Safety and Disaster Prevention
  • Virus detection and propagation path simulation
  • Contactless detection of terrorist material
  • Remote drug detection
  • Detection robot of breakage and damage on transmission lines
  • Image-based risk-factor detection
Smart Sensor System
  • Indoor navigation
  • Hazardous gas detection in the spot on fire
  • Biomedical signal detection for firefighters
  • Urgent network building on the spot on fire
  • Date transmission technique on the spot on fire
Plant-farm Monitoring System Technique
  • Remote communication technique
  • Remote control technique
  • Water environment detection technique
  • Atmosphere environment detection technique
  • Lighting environment control technique
Vision Technique for the Health of the Individuals
  • Precise diagnosis for eye diseases such as Glaucoma and Macular degeneration
  • Eye pressure monitoring technique
Bio-sensing Technology for Human-centered 3D and Holography
  • Biosensor-based evaluation of cognitive fatigue caused by 3D content and displays
  • Image quality analysis and assessment of holography based on human visual system
  • Main Research Area

    Main Research Area

    Date 2017-06-15

  • Main Research Area
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