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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
33 Joint configuration for physically safe human-robot interaction of serial-chain manipulators SeongHun HONG; 2017.01 Mechanism and machine theory 107, (246~260) Abstract
32 Structural Brain Changes after Traditional and Robot-Assisted Multi-Domain Cognitive Training in Community-Dwelling Healthy Elderly Geon Ha Kim; 2015.04 PLoS ONE 10, 4) Abstract
31 Easy Interface and Control of Tele-education Robots Yun, Sang-Seok; 2013.08 International Journal of Social Robotics 5, 3, (335~343) Abstract
30 A Fuzzy Intimacy Space Model to Develop Human-Robot Attitudinal Relationship Kim, Young-Min; 2012.11 IEEE transactions on systems, man and cybernetics. Part C, Applications and reviews : a publication of the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society 42, 6, (1031~1041) Abstract
29 Intention Reading from a Fuzzy-based Human Engagement Model and Behavioural Features 윤상석; 2012.08 International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 9, (56-1~56-10) Abstract
28 Proactive Human Search for the Designated Person with Prior Context Information in an Undiscovered Environments 윤상석; 2012.07 Journal of intelligent & robotic systems 67, 2, (79~99) Abstract
27 Design and Implementation of a Pipelined Datapath for High-Speed Face Detection Using FPGA 2012.02 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL INFORMATICS 8, 1, (158~167 ) Abstract
26 Variants of the Quantized Visibility Graph for Efficient Path Planning 2011.11 Advanced robotics : the international journal of the Robotics Society of Japan 25, 18, (2341 ~2360) Abstract
25 Sonar Sensor-Based Efficient Exploration Method Using Sonar Salient Features and Several Gains Park, Joong-Tae; 2011.09 Journal of intelligent & robotic systems 63, 3-4, (465~480) Abstract
24 A Robot Joint with Variable Stiffness using Leaf Spring Choi, Jun Ho; 2011.04 IEEE transactions on robotics 27, 2, (229~238) Abstract

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