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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
59 Rebound burst firing in the reticular thalamus is not essential for pharmacological absence seizures in mice LEE SEUNG EUN; 2014.08 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111, 32, (11828~11833) Abstract
58 Pyramidal cell-interneuron interactions underlie hippocampal ripple oscillations Eran Stark;Lisa Roux;Ronny Eichler; 2014.07 Neuron 83, 2, (467~480) Abstract
57 Depletion of 14-3-3γ reduces the surface expression of Transient Receptor Potential Melastatin 4b (TRPM4b) Channels and attenuates TRPM4b-mediated glutamate-induced neuronal cell death Chang-Hoon Cho;Kim Eunju ; 2014.07 Molecular Brain 7, (52-1~52-12) Abstract
56 Optogenetic mapping of cerebellar inhibitory circuitry reveals spatially biased coordination of interneurons via electrical synapses 2014.06 Cell Reports 7, 5, (1601~1613) Abstract
55 ABA Renewal Involves Enhancements in Both GluA2-Lacking AMPA Receptor Activity and GluA1 Phosphorylation in the Lateral Amygdala Kyungjoon Park;Beomjong Song;Kim Jeongyoeon;Ingie Hong;Song, Sang-Ho;Junuk Lee; 2014.06 PLoS ONE 9, 6) Abstract
54 Light-inducible receptor tyrosine kinases that regulate neurotrophin signalling Ki-Young Chang;Woo, Doyeon; 2014.06 Nature Communications 5, (4057-1~4057-10) Abstract
53 Extrasynaptic GABAA receptors in mediodorsal thalamic nucleus modulate fear extinction learning Afshin Paydar; 2014.05 Molecular Brain 7, (39-1~) Abstract
52 Zebrafish models for translational neuroscience research: from tank to bedside Adam Michael Stewart; 2014.05 Trends in neurosciences 37, 5, (264~78) Abstract
51 Optogenetic inactivation of the subthalamic nucleus improves forelimb akinesia in a rat model of Parkinson disease Hyung Ho Yoon; 2014.05 Neurosurgery 74, 5, (533~541) Abstract
50 The inhibitory effects of bupivacaine, levobupivacaine, and ropivacaine on K2P (two-pore domain potassium) channel TREK-1 Hye Won Shin; 2014.02 Journal of anesthesia 28, 1, (81~86) Abstract

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