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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
124 Glioblastoma-secreted soluble CD44 activates tau pathology in the brain Lim Sungsu;Kim Dohee; 2018.04 Experimental & molecular medicine 50, 5, (1~11) Abstract
123 Fabrication of micrometer-scale porous gelatin scaffolds for 3D cell culture Kyuyoung Shim; 2017.06 Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 50, (183~189) Abstract
122 Functional Characterization of Resting and Adenovirus-Induced Reactive Astrocytes in Three-Dimensional Culture Jun Sung Woo;Im sun-kyoung; 2017.06 Experimental Neurobiology 26, 3, (158~167) Abstract
121 Quantitative Analysis of Hydrogen Peroxide Using Ratiometric Fluorescent Probe-doped Silica Nanoparticles Youngyoon Kim;Hyoung Sub Kim; 2017.06 Toxicology and Environmental Health Sciences, 9, 2, (108~115) Abstract
120 Fabrication of degradable carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) microneedle with laser writing and replica molding process for enhancement of transdermal drug delivery Young-Hun Park; 2016.01 Biotechnology and bioprocess engineering 21, 1, (110~118) Abstract
119 Effects of Fabrication Process Variation on Impedance of Neural Probe Microelectrodes Il Hwan Cho; 2015.05 JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY 10, 3, (1138~1143) Abstract
118 말초 신경 신호 기록의 효율성 개선을 위한 전도성 폴리머가 적용된 생체삽입형 커프형 신경전극 Sung Jin Park; 2015.01 Journal of Sensor Science and Technology 24, 1, (22~28) Abstract
117 Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) microwells in microfluidics: Fabrication methods and applications Do Hyun Kang; 2014.12 BioChip Journal 8, 4, (241~253) Abstract
116 민감도 향상과 센서 소형화를 위한 자기 및 용량형 안압센서의 개발 Cheol In Jang; 2014.11 Journal of Sensor Science and Technology 23, 6, (409~415) Abstract
115 A Wireless Intraocular Pressure Sensor with Variable Inductance Using a Ferrite Material Byungjoo Kang; 2013.08 Journal of semiconductor technology and science 13, 4, (355~360) Abstract

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