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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
355 Motor imagery learning across a sequence of trials in stroke patients Minji Lee; 2016.08 Restorative neurology and neuroscience 34, (635~645) Abstract
354 Multicomponent, peptide-targeted glycol chitosan nanoparticles containing ferrimagnetic iron oxide nanocubes for bladder cancer multimodal imaging Jaehong Key; 2016.08 International journal of nanomedicine 11, (4141~4155) Abstract
353 An Unsorted Spike-Based Pattern Recognition Method for Real-Time Continuous Sensory Event Detection from Dorsal Root Ganglion Recording Han sungmin; 2016.06 IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering / Bio-medical Engineering Group 63, 6, (1310~1320) Abstract
352 Optogenetic Inhibition of the Subthalamic Nucleus Reduces Levodopa-Induced Dyskinesias in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease Yoon, Hyung Ho; 2016.05 Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery 94, 1, (41~53) Abstract
351 CeO2-covered nanofiber for highly efficient removal of phosphorus from aqueous solution Young Gun Ko; 2016.04 Journal of hazardous materials 307, (91~98) Abstract
350 Preparation of Fluorous Solvent-Dispersed Fe3O4 Nanocrystals: Role of Oxygen in Ligand Exchange Kim Youngsun; 2016.04 Langmuir 32, 14, (3348~3353) Abstract
349 T1-Weighted MR imaging of liver tumor by gadolinium-encapsulated glycol chitosan nanoparticles without non-specific toxicity in normal tissues Jin Hee Na;Lee, Sangmin; 2016.04 Nanoscale 8, 18, (9736~9745) Abstract
348 Biaxial Dielectrophoresis Force Spectroscopy: A Stoichiometric Approach for Examining Intermolecular Weak Binding Interactions In Soo Park;Tae Joon Kwak; 2016.04 ACS Nano 10, 4, (4011~4019) Abstract
347 Engineering Three Dimensional Micro Nerve Tissue Using Postnatal Stem Cells From Human Dental Apical Papilla Byung-Chul Kim;Sung-Min Jun; 2016.04 Biotechnology and Bioengineering 114, 4, (903~914) Abstract
346 Multiplexed Detection of Epigenetic Markers Using Quantum Dot (QD)-Encoded Hydrogel Microparticles Sang Yun Yeom;Choonghyun Son; 2016.04 Analytical chemistry 88, 8, (4259~4268) Abstract

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