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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
488 Removal of microcystin-LR using UV-assited advanced oxidation processes and optimization of photo-Fenton-like process for treating Nak-Dong River water, South Korea Park Jeong Ann; 2018.09 Chemical engineering journal 348, (125~134) Abstract
487 Blend-electrospun graphene oxide/Poly(vinylidene fluoride) nanofibrous membranes with high flux, tetracycline removal and anti-fouling properties Park Jeong Ann; 2018.09 Chemosphere 207, (347~356) Abstract
486 Nitrite ion mitigates the formation of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) during chloramination of ranitidine Seid Mingizem Gashaw; 2018.08 The Science of the total environment 633, (352~359) Abstract
485 Visible light-photosensitized oxidation of organic pollutants using amorphous peroxo-titania Jiwon Seo; 2018.06 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 225, (487~495) Abstract
484 ZnO Nanorod Array Modified PVDF Membrane with Superhydrophobic Surface for Vacuum Membrane Distillation Application Manxiang Wang;Liu Guicheng; 2018.04 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 16, (13452~13461) Abstract
483 Treatment of highly saline RO concentrate using Scenedesmus quadricauda for enhanced removal of refractory organic matter Sung Kyu Maeng; 2018.03 Desalination 430, (128~135) Abstract
482 Reductive dissolution and sequestration of arsenic by microbial iron and thiosulfate reduction Myoung-Soo Ko; 2018.03 Environmental geochemistry and health 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
481 Laboratory and pilot-scale field experiments for application of iron oxide nanoparticle-loaded chitosan composites to phosphate removal from natural water Kim Jae-Hyun; 2018.03 Environmental technology 36, 6, (770~779) Abstract
480 Phosphorous recovery from sewage sludge using calcium silicate hydrates Chang-Gu Lee; 2018.02 Chemosphere 193, (1087~1093) Abstract
479 Mesoporous carbon for efficient removal of microcystin-LR in drinking water sources, Nak-Dong River, South Korea: Application to a field-scale drinking water treatment plant Park Jeong Ann; 2018.02 Chemosphere 193, (883~891) Abstract

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