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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
18562 Computational and experimental design of active and durable Ir-based nanoalloy for electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction Cho,Jinwon; 2018.11 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 235, (177~185) Abstract
18561 Thermal conductivity enhancement of reduced graphene oxide via chemical defect healing for efficient heat dissipation Kim Chae Bin; 2018.11 Carbon 139, (386~392) Abstract
18560 Lithography-free fabrication of field effect transistor channels with randomly contact-printed black phosphorus flakes SeolHee You; 2018.11 Materials science in semiconductor processing 86, (58~62) Abstract
18559 Exploration of surface properties of Sb-promoted copper vanadate catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NOX by NH3 Kim, Jongsik; 2018.11 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 236, (314~325) Abstract
18558 Determination of six iodotrihalomethanes in drinking water in Korea Woo Bo Mi; 2018.11 The Science of the total environment 640-641, (581~590) Abstract
18557 Activation of a Ni electrocatalyst through spontaneous transformation of nickel sulfide to nickel hydroxide in an oxygen evolution reaction Minoh Lee; 2018.10 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 233, (130~135) Abstract
18556 Highly transparent and flexible NO2 gas sensor film based on MoS2/rGO composites using soft lithographic patterning JUNG MIN WOOK; 2018.10 Applied surface science 456, (7~12) Abstract
18555 Fe3S4/Fe7S8-promoted degradation of phenol via heterogeneous, catalytic H2O2 scission mediated by S-modified surface Fe2+ species CHOE YUN JEONG; 2018.10 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 233, (272~280) Abstract
18554 Effective and sensitive determination of eleven disinfection byproducts in drinking water by DLLME and GC?MS On Ji-won; 2018.10 The Science of the total environment 639, (208~216) Abstract
18553 Ag deposition effects on the photocatalytic activity of nanoparticulate TiO22 ― Comparison of gamma irradiation and UV irradiation methods Sudeshna Sarkar; 2018.10 Nano-structures & nano-objects 16, (134~143) Abstract

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