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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
18394 Highly Secure Plasmonic Encryption Keys Combined with Upconversion Luminescence Nanocrystals Park Ki-sun; 2018.05 Advanced functional materials 28, (1800369-1~1800369-8) Abstract
18393 Heterogeneous Integration Toward a Monolithic 3-D Chip Enabled by III-V and Ge Materials Sanghyeon Kim; 2018.05 IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society 6, 5, (579~587) Abstract
18392 Graded 6-OHDA-induced dopamine depletion in the nigrostriatal pathway evokes progressive pathological neuronal activities in the subthalamic nucleus of a hemi-parkinsonian mouse Sunghee Park; 2018.05 Behavioural brain research 344, (42~47) Abstract
18391 Future of dynamic random-access memory as main memory Kim, Seong Keun; 2018.05 MRS bulletin 43, 5, (334~339) Abstract
18390 Flexible and Transparent Organic Phototransistors on Biodegradable Cellulose Nanofibrillated Fiber Substrates Junsu Park; 2018.05 Advanced optical materials 6, 9, (1701140-1~1701140-10) Abstract
18389 Fe3O4-Silicone Mixture as Flexible Actuator Song Kahye; 2018.05 Materials 11, 5, (753-1~753-10) Abstract
18388 Facile and Cost Effective Synthesis of Oxide-Derived Silver Catalyst Electrodes via Chemical Solution Deposition for CO2 Electro-Reduction Kim, Haeri;Dahye Won; 2018.05 Topics in Catalysis 61, 5-6, (389~396) Abstract
18387 Enhancement of Adsorption Performance for Organic Molecules by Combined Effect of Intermolecular Interaction and Morphology in Porous rGO-Incorporated Hydrogels Lee Seungmin;Moon Byung Joon; 2018.05 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, (17335~17344) Abstract
18386 Enhanced Hydrogen-Storage Capacity and Structural Stability of an Organic Clathrate Structure with Fullerene (C60) Guests and Lithium Doping Yesol Woo;Byeong-Soo Kim; 2018.05 Chemistry of materials 30, 9, (3028~3039) Abstract
18385 Electronic skins for soft, compact, reversible assembly of wirelessly activated fully soft robots Junghwan Byun;Yoontaek Lee; 2018.05 Science robotics 3, 18, (1~12) Abstract

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