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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
22 Characterization of the electrochemical oxidation product of ruthenocene at a mercury anode. 1972.01 Inorganic chemistry. v. 11, (808~?) Abstract
21 Magnetic susceptibility study on various ferricenium and iron(III) dicarbollide compounds David N. Hendrickson; 1971.08 Inorganic chemistry. 10, (1559~1563) Abstract
20 Cis-2aza-3-oxo-4-oxabicyclo(4-1-0). 1971.01 Journal of organic chemistry , (?~?) Abstract
19 Rheological properties of molten polymers I. Homopolymers systems Chang Dae Han; 1971.01 Journal of applied polymer science 15, (1149~1162) Abstract
18 Reactions of phosphorus compounds 30;preparation and basic hydrolysis of 1-(-triphenylphosphonioetyly)-2-phyrazolin-3-yl-triphenyl phosphonium. 1971.01 J. org. chem. v. 36, (4041~4044) Abstract
17 Reactions of phosphorus compounds 29;preparation and reaction of pyrazolinyl-triphenyl-phosphonium salts. 1971.01 J. org. chem. v. 36, (4033~4041) Abstract
16 Oxidative-addition of ο -quinones to ruthenlum complexes. 1971.01 Journal of organometallic chemistry v. 30, (C31~32) Abstract
15 Influence of reservoir diameter on the melt elasticity in capillary flow CHANG DAE HAN; 1971.01 Polymer engineering and science / Edit by Society of Plastics Engineers 11, 5, (395~400) Abstract
14 Electronic structure of metallocenes. 1971.01 Journal of the Amer. chem. soc. v. 93, (3603~?) Abstract
13 Corona-induced autohesion of polyethylene. 1971.01 Journal of applied polymer science v. 15, (1365~1375) Abstract

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