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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
19025 Effects of meteorology and emissions on urban air quality: a quantitative statistical approach to long-term records (1999-2016) in Seoul, South Korea Seo, Jihoon; 2018.11 Atmospheric chemistry and physics 18, (16121~16137) Abstract
19024 Effect of substrate on photo-induced persistent photoconductivity in InAs nanowires Sungjin Park;Taeok Kim; 2018.11 Applied surface science 458, (964~971) Abstract
19023 Dynamic Assembly of Liquid Crystalline Graphene Oxide Gel Fibers for Ion Transport H. Park; 2018.11 Science Advances 4, 11, (2104-1~2104-11) Abstract
19022 Determination of six iodotrihalomethanes in drinking water in Korea Woo Bo Mi; 2018.11 The Science of the total environment 640-641, (581~590) Abstract
19021 Design of a porous gel polymer electrolyte for sodium ion batteries Jin Il Kim; 2018.11 Journal of membrane science 566, (122~128) Abstract
19020 Computational and experimental design of active and durable Ir-based nanoalloy for electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction Cho,Jinwon; 2018.11 Applied catalysis B, Environmental 235, (177~185) Abstract
19019 Comparative study of catalytic activities among transition metal-doped IrO2 nanoparticles Hangil Lee; 2018.11 Scientific Reports 8, (16777~) Abstract
19018 Capacitive biosensor based on vertically paired electrode with controlled parasitic capacitance Ga-Yeon Lee; 2018.11 Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical 273, (384~392) Abstract
19017 Analysis of the influence of interphase characteristics on thermal conduction in surface-modified carbon nanotube-reinforced composites using an analytical model Choi Hoi-Kil; 2018.11 Composites science and technology 168, (145~151) Abstract
19016 Accurate in-operando study of molten carbonate fuel cell degradation processes -part I: Physiochemical processes individuation F. Santoni; 2018.11 Electrochimica acta 291, (343~352) Abstract

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