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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
18817 Electrically controllable position-controlled color centers created in SiC pn junction diode by proton beam writing Yuichi Yamazaki; 2018.09 Journal of materials research 게재예정, (게재예정~) Abstract
18816 Dry reforming of methane over Ni/ZrO2-Al2O3 catalysts: Effect of preparation methods Shin, Seol-A; 2018.09 JOURNAL OF THE TAIWAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS 90, (25~32) Abstract
18815 Degradation of organic compounds in wastewater matrix by electrochemically generated reactive chlorine species: Kinetics and selectivity Chong Min Chung; 2018.09 Catalysis today 313, (189~195) Abstract
18814 Computer-aided alloy designs of grade 600 MPa reinforced steel bars for seismic safety based on thermodynamic and kinetic calculations: Overview SHIM, JAE-HYEOK; 2018.09 CALPHAD, computer coupling of phase diagrams and thermochemistry 62, 1, (67~74) Abstract
18813 Computational Discovery of a New Rhombohedral Diamond Phase Zhen-Zhen Li; 2018.09 Physical review B, Condensed matter and materials physics 98, 094107) Abstract
18812 Collateral hydrogenation over proton-conducting Ni/BaZr0.85Y0.15O3?δ catalysts for promoting CO2 methanation CHOI SUNG JUN; 2018.09 RSC advances 8, (32095~32101) Abstract
18811 Coherence in defect evolution data for the ion beam irradiated graphene Sunmog Yeo; 2018.09 Scientific Reports 8, (13973-1~13973-6) Abstract
18810 Carboxymethlyated cellulose nanofibrils(CMCNFs) embedded in polyurethane foam as a modular adsorbent of heavy metal ions Hye-Jin Hong;Lim Jin Seong; 2018.09 Carbohydrate polymers 195, (136~142) Abstract
18809 Bubble dynamics in boiling histotripsy Ki Joo Pahk; 2018.09 ULTRASOUND IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 게재예정, (1~24) Abstract
18808 Broadband dual phase energy harvester: Vibration and magnetic field Song, Hyun - Cheol; 2018.09 Applied energy 225, 1, (1132~1142) Abstract

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