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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
18995 Analysis of the influence of interphase characteristics on thermal conduction in surface-modified carbon nanotube-reinforced composites using an analytical model Choi Hoi-Kil; 2018.11 Composites science and technology 168, (145~151) Abstract
18994 Accurate in-operando study of molten carbonate fuel cell degradation processes -part I: Physiochemical processes individuation F. Santoni; 2018.11 Electrochimica acta 291, (343~352) Abstract
18993 Coaxial struts and microfractured structures of compressible thermoelectric foams for self-powered pressure sensors Jinwoo Oh; 2018.10 Nanoscale 10, (18370~18377) Abstract
18992 Design, synthesis, in vitro anticancer evaluation,kinase inhibitory effects, and pharmacokinetic profile of new 1,3,4-triarylpyrazole derivatives possessing terminal sulfonamide moiety Mohammed Samir Abdelmaksoud; 2018.10 Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry 34, 1, (97~109) Abstract
18991 Design Strategy for Zinc Anodes with Enhanced Utilization and Retention: Electrodeposited Zinc Oxide on Carbon Mesh Protected by Ionomeric Layers Daniel Stock; 2018.10 ACS applied energy materials 1, 10, (5579~5588) Abstract
18990 Degradation of organic compounds in actual wastewater by electro-Fenton process and evaluation of energy consumption Hee-gon Kim;Ko Young Jin; 2018.10 Water, air, and soil pollution 229, 335, (1~10) Abstract
18989 Curvature Elasticity­Driven Leaflet Asymmetry and Interleaflet Raft Coupling in Supported Membranes Yong-Sang Ryu; 2018.10 Advanced materials interfaces 게재예정, (1801290~1801290) Abstract
18988 Compositional core-shell design by nickel leaching on the surface of Ni-rich cathode materials for advanced high-energy and safe rechargeable batteries Lee Yong Ho; 2018.10 Journal of power sources 400, (87~95) Abstract
18987 Compact Optical Nerve Cuff Electrode for Simultaneous Neural Activity Monitoring and Optogenetic Stimulation of Peripheral Nerves Song, Kang-Il; 2018.10 Scientific Reports 8, (1~11) Abstract
18986 Coaxial-nanostructured MnFe2O4 nanoparticles on polydopamine-coated MWCNT for anode materials in rechargeable batteries KIM HYEONG WOO; 2018.10 Nanoscale 10, 40, (18949~18960) Abstract

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