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No. Subject Author Year Journal Abstract
7429 Hidden Ray-Tracing on the Shadow Boundary of Penetrable Wedges Kim Se-Yun; 2018.09 ICEAA'2018 , (146~147) Abstract
7428 E-polarized Diffraction by a Lossy Dielectric Wedge Kim Se-Yun; 2018.08 Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium 2018 , (1301~) Abstract
7427 Highly selective and minimally invasive electrode platform for peripheral nerve KIM, JINSEOK; 2018.08 The 7th IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics ) Abstract
7426 Effect of chemoselective methylation of phenolic hydroxyl group on thermal depolymerization of lignin 2018.08 Gordon Research Conference ) Abstract
7425 Synthesis and characterization of single, bi and tri-phase calcium phosphate ceramics Won, Sung Ok; 2018.07 The 17th International Conference on X-ray Absorption Fine Structure ) Abstract
7424 A Steerable Endoscope for Transnasal Skull Base Surgery KOWN SEONG IL; 2018.07 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) ) Abstract
7423 A Pilot Study on the Novel Non-invasive Nerve-Holder with Negative-pressure Suctions HWANG, DONGHYUN; 2018.07 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) ) Abstract
7422 Towards Finger Motion Capture System Using FBG Sensors Jang Min Su; 2018.07 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) , (3734~3737) Abstract
7421 Tangible Social Content Service System: Making Digital Technology Easier to Use by Elderly and Its Usability Evaluation SYEDA MASOOMA ZEHRA; 2018.07 Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems (CISIS-2018), Springer Nature ) Abstract
7420 Talon Metaphor: Grasp and Release Method for Virtual Reality Yusik Kim; 2018.07 HCI International ) Abstract

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