Paper Abstract

Oxidative coupling of methane over LaAlO 3 perovskite catalysts prepared by a co-precipitation method: Effect of co-precipitation pH value
Oxidative coupling of methane (OCM) was conducted over LaAlO 3 _ X catalysts that were prepared by a co- precipitation method using different co-precipitation pH values ( X = 6–10). The aim is to investigate the effect of pH values on the catalytic activity of LaAlO 3 catalysts in this reaction. The results showed that the co-precipitation pH value affected greatly on the formation of chemical species of precipitate pre- cursors in the co-precipitation step, leading to different phases of the finally obtained LaAlO 3 catalysts. When the co-precipitation pH value increased up to 8, the lanthanum-related phases such as La 2 O 3 and La(OH) 3 were gradually formed as by-products, preventing the formation of LaAlO 3 perovskite crystalline structure and facilitating the formation of oxygen vacancies on catalyst surface. However, at pH value of 9 or higher, the lanthanum content in the precipitate precursor was increased greatly. Not LaAlO 3 per- ovskite but lanthanum-related phases were developed as main phases, reducing their catalytic activities in this reaction. Among LaAlO 3 catalysts, the one prepared at pH = 8 showed the highest C 2 yield due to its well-developed oxygen vacancies and electrophilic lattice oxygen. Therefore, the co-precipitation pH value strongly affected the LaAlO 3 catalyst activity in OCM reaction. A precious pH control should be required to prepare various perovskite catalysts for the OCM.