Paper Abstract

Highly adhesive and bioactive Ti-Mg alloy thin film on polyether ether ketone formed by PIII&D technique
In this study, a method of forming highly adhesive bioactive Ti–Mg alloy thin film on a polyether ether ketone (PEEK) was investigated. To increase the adhesion strength, a PEEK surface was sanded with SiC paper and Ti–Mg ions were implanted by plasma immersion ion implantation & deposition (PIII&D), prior to Ti–Mg alloy thin film deposition. Then, these samples were immersed in the simulated body fluid (SBF) solution for seven days to ensure that hydroxyapatite was formed. In a separate experimental procedure, the thin films were immersed in a physiological saline solution for seven days to check the morphology after magnesium was dissolved. The results show that the adhesion strength increased to 36.14 MPa, and crystallization of hydroxyapatite was most pronounced in the composition of Ti–Mg 85/15 at%. These findings demonstrate that PIII&D is a promising surface treatment tool for PEEK implants.